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Hi and welcome to Beardies.info

My name is Jack and I am the webmaster of this website.

The purpose of this Website is to be a source of information for Bearded Dragon owners that can be shared everywhere.

This can be various FaceBook dragon groups, a variety of bearded dragon websites anyone can link to this site and it's information.

We care about Bearded Dragons and would like to share the information listed on this site with everyone that wants it.

All authors of the documents on this site will get full credit for their hard work by having their name listed in both the menu and documents. I would like to thank these authors for their hard work and caring about our beloved dragons enough to take the time to write these documents.

This site is Public Domain and is advertisement free and not affiliated with any businesses, groups or other websites, this is a freebie, plain and simple!

Enjoy the site! :)