Another Lesson About Breeding

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Another lesson about breeding, and why you need to really have your stuff together to handle a multitude of situations.

By Tracy Saltmarsh.

This guy is my runt.

He's pictured next to an average sized sibling. There are babies even bigger than that! It's very, VERY important that before you decide to breed you have at least 5 separate enclosures and light set ups. Babies grow all at different rates. They bully each other out of food and basking spots. You have to separate them by size and have the time to watch for any misbehaviors. This little runt hasn't been bullied as of yet, but he has an enclosure all to himself to avoid that.

Breeding isn't just about putting 2 of your dragons together, hatching out eggs and having 400 babies running around. It's being responsible. It's not hatching out 30 eggs in a clutch, multiple clutches. The time and energy you put into your babies is infinite. Their well-being and health should be on the forefront of your thoughts, not how much you can sell them for, or how since another baby nipped the ones tail how much you have to discount the nipped one.

A breeder should take pride in what they produce. Accidents do happen and they are unfortunate, but a real breeder will tell you making sure those accidents are a rare occurrence takes considerable time, energy, space and a chunk of your bank account.

I'm going to post a few graphic photos of what happens when things go horribly wrong when someone breeds and didn't take the time to make sure they knew what they were doing. These photos are from a friend who just recently went and rescued these babies from a lady he sold a dragon to a few years back. She decided to breed and this was the end result.

A LOT of time goes into taking care of a clutch of babies. The result of not doing so is terrible. Give a breeder friend you know props. It's not an easy job.
I was informed that these two little guys didn't make it.