Guide on How to Setup a Lay Box
by Alexis Jefferson

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Things You’ll Need:

• A Rubbermaid container (over 8” deep and big enough for your dragon to walk around in)
• Organic Topsoil and/or Sand
• A low wattage light bulb
• Water


1. Take the Rubbermaid tote and fill it with a bare minimum of 8 inches of your chosen substrate. Add water to the substrate until it’s damp enough to hold its shape but not too wet so that it drips water if you grab some in your hand in squeeze it. You can lightly press down on the dirt to help it compact and hold its shape.

2. Put the low watt bulb over the container to keep it warm. A female won’t lay her eggs in dirt that’s too cold because she knows they won’t incubate properly.

3. Put your female in the lay box and let her do her business. Don’t hover over her 24/7 and make sure she’s in a quiet area. Too much noise or stress can cause her to hold her eggs. Let her completely finish laying (burying the eggs and all) before removing her from the lay box.

After Care:

Make sure the female has a nice, long bath after she has finished burying her eggs. Increase both the food and calcium intake for at least a week and a half after laying to help restore the lost fat and calcium levels. Freeze the eggs and throw them away on trash day to reduce the stink, or they could be fed to other reptiles such as monitors and tegus.